Swollen Lungs - Compilation 7"

by Wolf Shaped Clouds



Hey, we will be the part of this awesome compilation, which will feature tracks that are less than 30 secs long. By the way, this will be our last song written as a band. We decided to call it a day.
We will also record those songs, that we haven't recorded yet, and will release them along all of our songs. We will also play a last show. (So instead of saying thanks for everyone now, we'll do that later, watch out for it :) )


released May 1, 2013




wolf shaped clouds Budapest, Hungary

4 friends who play fast and sad noise.

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Track Name: Short song about Death
i just came out of the darkness
my blood turns to poison
my veins are full of sadness
the world is darker than life
and i'm not afraid of the suicide