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released April 19, 2011




wolf shaped clouds Budapest, Hungary

4 friends who play fast and sad noise.

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Track Name: Rotting Sea
the media dyes the sky black. you try to resist, but you're too afraid to fight back. dark thoughts fill your empty head, your soul is suffused by the money and the power. you enclose the tragedies of your life and throw its keys into a rotting sea. this is the end of everything. washed by the water of a better world.
Track Name: Sleepless Dreams
last night i had a dream, my heart lied in my throat. photographs in my mind, from love and happiness. rising from the dream i screamed painfully. screamed about affection and hatred. screamed about life and death.
Track Name: Remember The Ghost
i see a ghost in the shadow. i'm sick and he is a murderer. i speak to the ghost, but he doesn't understand me. i'm not afraid of the pain. i'm not afraid of the truth. i'm not afraid of death. i'm not afraid of that ghost. my life is a sinking ship in the empty ocean. "the ghosts of the tribe crouch in the nights beside the ghost of a fire, they try to. remember the sunlight, light has died out of their skies."
Track Name: Commencement
i woke up today - the first day on my new life. and i had to notice that nothing changed, just got worse. i'm just a shadow in the darkness, just an empty face in the crowd. 4 letter - 2 number: that's what's left of me. you can take my face, you can take my name, you can take my past. but i'll never let you take my thoughts.
Track Name: Howard Zinn
we are all marionette's in a world, moving world. "protest beyond the law is not a departure from democracy: it is absolutely essential to it." letters, poems, speeches. weapons, wars, human lives. we don't belong here. we don't belong to this fucking life. threats come and threats go, we suspect nothing. following cliches with our eyes closed, we're pushing ourselves into death.